5 Tips For Every Parent Must Know About Potty Training

Tips Every Parent Must Know, Potty training is not the same for all children. Some are able to learn the skill right away without much difficulty while others take years to do it properly. If you have a young child, potty training can be daunting for you too. For the purpose of making the training processless stressful and overwhelming for you and your toddlers, you would benefit by learning a few practical potty training tips.

Summer Infant Potty Training

Summer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty

Here are some basic toilet training tips to make the process somewhat easier for both of you.

1. Know when the child is ready

Children learn to use the potty at differentages. It’s important to be aware if your childis ready, otherwise, there is nothing you can do if you force him or her to potty train. In most cases, a child who is ready will express discomfort wearing a soiled nappy. In other instances, your child may attempt to remove the nappy to indicate awareness about wearing a messed nappy. This usually happens around the ages 2 to3, with girls usually learning earlier than boys.

2. Make potty training fun! Learning to potty is an exciting milestone in your child’s life

Give him or her a role in every step of the training process. For example, take the child to the store topick the potty chair he or she would like to use. It gives the child an idea that it belongs to him or her. The child will not only learn to use it, but will also exert effort to care for it.

Summer Infant My Size Potty

Summer Infant My Size Potty

3. Get your child’s full attention

Make sure the child is not focused on something else while being potty trained. When a toddler is distracted, he or she may not be able to focus on the ‘exercise’. Make sure the child is relaxed & secure during the process.

4. Be consistent

Potty training may take longer than expected. During the period, let the child go without a nappy to establish the need to run to the potty chair or bathroom when it’s time fora bowel movement or urinating.

Fisher-Price Ducky

5. Celebrate success with incentives

Rewarding your child for each dry nappy maybe enough reason for him or her to give up wearing one. Apart from generous praises, creative incentivescan be your secret to potty training success. Potty training is an integral part of parentingand child care. It is a significant part of any child’sdevelopment. In addition to the above potty training tips,effective communication is also important skill for your child to learn. If you like this video give it a thumbs up,comment below and hit the subscribe button to receive more like it in the future.

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