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As we know all, almost every parent wants to give the best for their children. We always make sure that everything is safe for them and try to avoid any risky things that might happen to our children in every situation. Thatis why when we drive a car, we will try to keep them secured and spoiled with comfortable car seat. There are many options of car seats that we can pick one for our beloved children. When deciding to buy one, we should make sure that its quality is not doubtful since our children will use this for a couple of years. Beside quality, we will also choose a car seat that suits our children’s needs that give them safety and comfort. In this article, I will review three types of convertible car seat that might help you to find the best of all: Nuna car seat, Britax Bob B-Safe, and Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System.

Product NameItem WeightMaximum weight recommendationBatteries required 
Stokke Pipa By Nuna Car Seat31.5 pounds32 PoundsNoCheck Price
Britax 2016 B-Agile 3/B-Safe 3529.5 pounds55 PoundsNoCheck Price
Chicco Bravo Trio30 pounds50 PoundsNoCheck Price


The first is Nuna car seat

One of  the best products of car seat that shoud be on your list is nuna car seat. It’s popular car seat that will not only provide safey for your kids but also make the parents and kids stylish.  Both protection and comfort are always the main issues in designing this product. Every thing is made by the company to serve our needs and the children’s needs. In the following paragraphs, I will give yo some nuna car seat reviews that will give you insight about the range of the product including design, quality, materials, functions and so on.


Nuna pipa infant car seat

The fisrt popular car seat from Nuna is nuna pipa infant car seat. This is a nuna convertible car seat that provides you everything that you are looking for. Nuna products are popular for its stylish and modern baby gear which is inspired by designers from the Netherlands that combine fucntionality and style with safety technology.  Nunapipa infant car seatis the first car seat from Nuna which equipped with a canopy, a load legs, lots of padding and rigid lath attatchment. This car seat is made of premium micro knit fabric. The number of point harness is five which are designnuna-car-seated to secure the baby. The car seat is so safe and so simple that It can be installed  so swiftly that you only need five seconds to do it. The design of this car seat has a number of benefits that are useful for the safety of the baby.  One of them is side impact protection and crumple zone that can make the seat comfortable.  It is an ideal car seat for you who live in cities that make you move from one taxi to another taxi because it can be installed only with a seatbelat. Eventhough many of us have different bugets, opinions, taste and preferences in many things,  when we our needs in  nunapipa infant car seat, those differences will unite in this kind of car seat.



Nuna baby car seat

This nuna baby car seatis actually designed to accomodate different needs and purposes. Its features will provide safety and comfort that are very crusial for babies. This baby car seat will only cause very quiet and smoot motions when it shakes. This car seat can be used in a long period because if fits not only for a small sized baby but also for kids. This is equipped by a quality toy bar. This product is mmartly designed.


Nuna pipa car seat base

This nuna car seat basehas a unique istallation system that make the users easy to lock and unlock.  If you are in hurry, maybe installing and uninstalling a car seat will bothey you because you must save you time to get your job done.  If you use Nunapipa car seat base,  you shouldn’t worry about because you can just do it only in five seconds. It will save your time when you move from car to car and It won’t bother your joyful ride. Moreover, Nunapipa car seat base will give you not only speed in the process but also safety because it has indicators that will give you confirmation of the right angel. This car seat base is compatible if installed with Nunapipa infant car seat.


- suit for various baby sizes
- weight and height limit can extend usage
- rigid LATCH connectors and load leg make innovative base
- can simply and easily installed
- very easy to lock and unlock
- properly installed with seatbelt
- easy to adjust the harness
- good guality and disigned canopy
- can replace and remove harness straps
- can be ompatibly installed in varios quality strolles
- produced in China ( for some people who don’t like chinese products )
- available in limited markets
- not sold along with adapters for strollers


The second is B-Agile 3/B-Safe 35 Elite Travel System

This product is the latest product produced by Britax. B-Agile 3/B-Safe 35 Elite Travel System includes two stuff: B-Safe 35 Elite Infant Car Seat and B-Agile 3 Stroller.  The car seat  has good system of impact protection.  The stroller is light, simple to fold and maneuverable. It has three wheel that can go to any kinds of spots and easy to navigate.  This product click and go system that allow us to combine the stroller and the car seat only with one click. It lets us move fast and easily. In addition, it has is thatit is very strong that seems more superior than the rest products in the same segment.  It is because of the steel frame. It is also very easy to put in the back seat.The car seat can detach from the base only by one click.  We only need less than two minutes to assemble the


Britax Car Seat

britax-2016-b-agileA car seat market leader, Britax, has been producing various car seats since seventy years ago.  One of the most wanted and review is Britax Bob B-Safe. It is the best britax car seat. It succesfully combines comfort and safety for the sake of babies’ well-being. It’s equipped with energy-absorbent foam and side-impact protection. It can be installed compatibly with some britax strollers. This feature can ease you when you move your baby without taking our children out of the carrier from car to strollers.


In terms of safety,  this car seat has done  crash-test  to make sure that it is safe accrding to the federal safety standards which are compiled by  the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  Its  sturdy design comes from energy-absorbent foam  and side-impact protection. This britax car seat will give safety and comfort to a baby of four pounds until  thirty pounds.   If your child is more than that (usually more than one year old), you need to buy another car seat.    The safety feature in this car seat will put your babies in a domfotable and secured place. One of the feather that can be found is LATCH connectors that will keep the baby tightly when getting involved in an accident. There are also some level indicators to check wheter the seat is installed in a correct way.



For some parents, safety is not the only feature that are looking for, but they tend to pick a car seat which suit their style. If you are a person who like to move from one place to another very quickly, this car seat is suitable for you. It can be installed and unlock easily, so you don’t have to worry about the time you spend. It is also easy to connect the car seat to a stroller. However, the base and the seat are large enough so you need an enough big car, but if not you may feel difficult to install it. Besides, you can not wash the cushios in a washing maschine. You need to take more time to clean them.Abundant features in this car seat are provided to satisfy many kinds of needs.  The canopy is very practical and easy to adjust; the belly pas, shoulder pad, head support are easy to remove and  clean.

• has many safety features like energy absorbent foam and side impact protection to ensure the baby safe when accidents occur
• straps in 5 point harness can be adjusted easily
• can be installed in variour Britax strolles
• the price is in mid-level in its segment
• good canopy to protect the baby from th sun light
• very good after sale service
• it has positive review from consumers in Britax car seat reviews on this site give point 4.5 out of 5
• It doesn’t fit a small car so you have to own a larger car to suit this car seat.
• Only purposed for babies up to thirty pounds
• If your baby is more than 30 pounds you have to buy another bigger car seat
• It is difficult to adjust the tightening strap of the middle harness when the car seat is already installed
• You have to buy additional adapter to suit some stroller that need additional cost
• Some people say that it is a bit narrow and make babies feel uncomfortable so that it’s hard go in and go out and the babies will sweat easily.


The third is chicco bravo trio travel system papyrus

chicco-bravo-trio-travel-systemChicco bravo travel system papyrus is an innovative product that has three functions from Chicco. The first fucntion is  KeyFit Carrier.  It can serve as car seat carrier  for infants. It is relatively easy for removingthe stroller canopy  and seat,  as well as attaching the adapter and putting in the Keyfit.  The second fuction is travel system.  by using the adapter,  it is easy to move the baby from and to the stroller because of the Keyfit. The third function is chicco bravo trio travel system stroller. If the baby is too large for the Keyfit, bravo trio travel system papyrus can fuction as a richly featured  stroller for everyday use. If you buy this Chicco bravo trio travel system papyrus you will get a car seat, the stroller and the base in the package.When bravo trio travel system is folded up, it can stand on itself. This feature will be helpful when we put our babies in a car or when we deal with bags.

The canopies of Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller come over the carrier and they not only meet but also overlap each other that will be benefecial when the rain comes. the reclining back can be used easily, more practicle that B-Agile eventhough it can recline at any position but it need straps to adjust.  It has an accessory tray for parents and cup holders. Actually B-Agile also has a cup holder but you have to buy it  and like some people say its isn’t very strong. The handle is able to adjust to theree different heights. It is suitable for anyone with different heights.  But there isn’t any tray for toddlers. If we see chicco bravo reviews on, it has many positive feedbacks. The average point is 4.6 out of five.



Choosing one of these three products is a bit difficult since they get many positive reviews from the consumers. the prices are very competitive ; on nuna sell it fr $349, and Britax is $ 353 and Chicco is $ 379. It seems that the product prom Nuna is the cheapest. However, if we compare it to other from the package you will get, Nuna is the most expensive since you only get the car seat without a stroller like the product from Britax (a car seat and a stroller in one package) and Chicco (base, car seat and stroller in one package).


Eventhough it’s the most expensive, it offers you the most features and guarantes more safety for your beloved babies. Many people say that ‘ price never lies’ concerning the quality. So, if you are looking for safety and Nuna car seat can be considered the only car seat which combines a load leg and rigid LATCH connectors. This combination will make more safety.You will not regret if you decide to buy NUNA product because many people already proved its quality and practicality. If you are still doubtful, you can see some reviews for this product on the internet. The customer reviews on this product show that they are very satisfied with the features.

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