How to Set Up a Baby Play Yards Review

graco-pack-n-play-playard-with-automatic-folding-feetThe baby play yards is a great thing to have not just for travel. It’s a nice play to put your baby in your home. For example, if you’re cooking in the kitchen you can put your babyin the Pack ‘N Play. You might even allow your baby to take a nap in the Pack ‘N Play. And as your baby gets older you can put toys in the Pack ‘N Play when your baby is sittingup and he or she can play in the Pack ‘N Play. It sort of works like a mini playpen if you’reokay with that.

So it’s a great thing to have. It can be a little clumsy to set up so barewith me. I’ve had this Pack ‘N Play since 2004 and it’s been great. It’s taken me awhile to learn how to put it together so I’m going to try to show that to you. So the firstthing that you do is you take it out of the mattress pad and this is going to be the padthat you put in the Pack ‘N Play. Then you’ve got this, you put the wheels on the bottomand you just sort of unloosen it like this.

When you’re assembling the Pack ‘N Play, thefirst thing you’re going to do is lock the four sides into place. So when you do thatyou’ll hear a clicking sound, you’ll hear it snapping into place. So I’ve done thesetwo sides, you sort of click them up, then you can do these sides. Then once you’re donewith the sides, you’re going to press in the middle of the Pack ‘N Play with your hand. So you just make a nice, big hand like this so here I go, I push down and it’s going tolock into place like that. Now I’m going to put in my mattress pad. And when this is doneI’m going to show you guys a very good Pack ‘N Play trick.

So here’s the mattress pad,it’s such an easy thing to use — it’s easy to wipe down if you have your baby in it. So now I’ve got my Pack ‘N Play assembled and I’m going to show you a couple thingsthat I’ve learned about how to take it apart more easily and these are things that havetaken me years to learn. So first you’re going to take out your mattress pad (I used to makemy husband do this all the time) so take out your mattress pad like this. Now you’re goingto go in reverse so the first thing you’re going to do is pull up the center and thenyou’re going to unlock the sides. So I’m going to pull up my center.

Now when it comes tounlocking the sides, if you start by trying to push these white buttons often the sideswill not unlock rather what you can do is just lift them up a little bit and that sortof dislodges them then you push in on the white button and then side will come undone. When you do this you want to make sure both of the sides come undone. If only one sidecomes undone you won’t be able to package it up properly when you’re finished.

So I’mgoing to show you this part of it so I’m going to go like this and I’m going to make surethat both of these sides are slanting down and this part is in the middle. That’s goingto enable me to pack back up my Pack ‘N Play. I’m going to lift up a little like this andI’m going to make sure both sides are coming down in the right way- lift up, both sidesare coming down (hopefully they won’t come down on you.) This is a little clumsy butthis is the only way to do this.

Okay, now I’m going to get my Pack ‘N Play ready tobe packed up because it is called a Pack ‘N Play. And you just sort of fold it like thisinto a rectangle then you take your mattress pad and you fold into that and then you putit into your cover. So you can just place it on one side of this like this and foldup one side and then you fold up the other side and you fold it around and you do your straps. So you’re pretty much good to go. And hopefully now you’re ready to go someplace that’s very exciting.



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